Abortion Restrictions Confuse Care for Miscarriages

It’s an emotional and legal dilemma that potentially faces not just obstetricians and midwives, but also nurse practitioners, family physicians, emergency physicians, pharmacists, and anyone else who might become involved with pregnancy care.

woman with home test kit

Are At-Home Test Kits Reliable?

Among the more remarkable legacies of the covid-19 pandemic is how quickly federal regulators, the health care industry, and consumers…

NPWH news & updates

Gay Johnson, CEO Message from the CEO For almost 23 years, I have had the joy of working for the…
Sex and menopause infographic

Poll Explores Sex and Menopause

More than half of the women between age 50 and 64 reported being sexually active but nearly a third of them said menopause symptoms interfered,

human trafficking

Sex Trafficking Isn’t What You Think

Frontline workers inconsistently define and apply the label “trafficking victim” – especially when it comes to sex trafficking. That makes it harder to get trafficked people the help they request.

kendra roloff on urinary incontinence

Urinary Incontinence Often Goes Undiagnosed

Urinary incontinence (UI) is so uncomfortable for some women to talk about that only 40 percent seek treatment, some waiting years before discussing it with a primary care provide.r


Which Patients Should Take Paxlovid?

Even as specialists in infectious diseases praise the treatment’s effectiveness, many practitioners say they have questions about prescribing the drug and want better data


According to the CDC, approximately how many women will develop breast cancer in their life?