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Halloween Haiku

What’s Scarier Than Covid? Halloween Health Haikus


Boo that we couldn’t treat all the readers participating in the third annual Kaiser Health News Halloween Haiku Contest to their moment of gory glory. Your entries — like our health care system — ranged from frighteningly complex to haunting. And, based on a review by our panel of never-say-die judges, here’s the winner and a sampling of finalists.


The Motel sign blinks

‘Vacancy For The Unvaxxed’

Norman Bates walks in

— Carrie Moores (@carrielmoores)

Inspiration: In Maine, Vaccine Mandate for EMTs Stresses Small-Town Ambulance Crews


Silence from the graves

Marks the vaccine resistance;

Public Health horror.

— Jean Gearing

Inspiration: Study: If More Adults Had Shots, 90,000 People Wouldn’t Have Died Since June


popcorn balls,

and a quick jab in the arm,

this year’s treats for kids.

— Bradley Steffens (@SteffensBradley)

Inspiration: Starting This Week, States Can Place Covid Shot Orders For Kids Ages 5 To 11

Billing code for a

telehealth exorcism?

Asking for a friend

— Joseph Reblando (@ReblandoPR)

Ghosts, globulins, rats!

Lipoproteins and black cats!

Skeletons, trans fats!

— Timothy Kelley

Social media

Making monsters of us all;

Frankenstein lives on!

— Mark Fotheringham

Inspiration: US Politicians, Social Media Are Main Source For Misinfo, Americans Think

Once the bill arrived

For my short hospital stay

Death seemed much cheaper

— Amanda


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