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Top apps for nurses in 2019

Author(s): By Lydia L. Kim, Digital Content Editor

As smart phones become more and more integral in our lives, the Women’s Healthcare team would like to share some of the top apps for nurses in 2019! These apps all have features that may enhance your practice and day-to-day lives.


Epocrates is an app targeted for healthcare providers (HCPs) to enhance their level of care. It features information on medications and potential adverse events, diagnostic guidelines, pill identification, and access to peer-reviewed information on various diseases at the touch of a button!

Epocrates has over 24K reviews in the Google Play Store, and almost 3K in the Apple Store.


Doximity is dubbed the “medical network”—it’s a social networking community for all HCPs. The app allows you to connect with your fellow colleagues, network with major healthcare facilities, and even earn CE credits.

With the Doximity mobile app HCPs can call their patients directly and securely right from their mobile devices. With over 14K reviews on the Apple Store and almost 2K on the Google Play Store, HCPs can feel assured Doximity is a trustworthy addition to their care toolbelt.

Case Medical Research 

Case, a newer app, gives HCPs easy access to information about their specialties and peer-reviewed research. With Case, HCPs can search for specific topics, set up personalized notifications on treatment approvals or latest research, and listen to abstracts in over 100 language options.

For HCPs and researchers, Case may become one of their most use resources. Case is available through its website community, and through mobile on iOS and Android.


PEPID has been a medical resource tool for over 25 years, and offers HCPs an array of material to help evolve their level of care. PEPID is a powerful diagnostic tool and offers information on dosing, ICD-10 codes, bedside education, and graphical education all-in-one.

PEPID is available through the Apple Store and Google Play Store.

Visual DX 

As its name implies, Visual DX is an award-winning diagnostic tool that aids HCPs’ clinical decision making and patient safety outcomes through enhanced diagnostic approaches. The Visual DX interfase offers HCPs stronger diagnostic suggestions through visual comparisons.

Visual DX is available on the Apple Store and the Google Play Store.

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