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New data reveal that women now make up the majority of medical students in the US

By Lydia L. Kim, Digital Content Editor

New data from the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) reveal that for the first time, women now make up the majority of first-year medical students in the United States.

Since 2015, the rates of women medical students have risen from 46.9% to 50.5%. Additionally, the percentage of medical school applicants who are Hispanic, Latino, or of Spanish origin has increased by 5.1%.

The president and CEO of AAMC, David J. Skorton, describes the impact of these data: “The steady gains in the medical school enrollment of women are a very positive trend, and we are delighted to see this progress…However, the modest increases in enrollment among underrepresented groups are simply not enough. We cannot accept this as the status quo and must do more to educate and train a more diverse physician workforce to care for a more diverse America.”

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