NPWH is dedicated to the continuing education (CE) and professional development of nurse practitioners; we are always pursuing new ways to improve our educational offerings. We are excited about our latest program, the Women’s Sexual Health Course for NPs, which is being held on June 27-29, 2014, at  the Sheraton Dallas Hotel by The Galleria in Dallas, Texas. We are pleased to offer this course in collaboration  with the International  Society for the  Study of Women’s Sexual Health  (ISSWSH). The program  guide is presented here in the journal on the next five pages.

Nurse practitioners see many female patients who have sexual health concerns. The purpose of  this course is to provide education on  state-of-the-art diagnostic and management  strategies available for clinicians  treating women with sexual health problems. This course will provide NPs with up-to-date evidence and expert consensus on the evaluation of female sexual dysfunction and therapeutic strategies to improve the sexual health  of women. The expert faculty will impart the necessary knowledge, skills, and professional attributes that are required for excellence in the practice of sexual healthcare today.

In addition to receiving CE credits,  attendees will receive a Certificate of Completion for the Women’s Sexual Health Course that will document for patients, employers, and peers the knowledge gained in the area of women’s sexual health. We hope that you will take advantage of this exciting new educational opportunity.

– Gay Johnson

Chief Executive Officer, NPWH



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