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H.E.R. Hub is now live!

Author(s): By Susan Rawlins, RN, MS, WHNP-BC

It is my pleasure to announce the launch of the National Association of Nurse Practitioners in Women’s Health (NPWH) new and innovative online website for women: H.E.R. [Health. Education. Resources.] Hub at www.myherhub.com. H.E.R. Hub captures the unique perspective and expert advice of women’s health nurse practitioners (WHNPs) and offers it to women in a convenient, one-stop, digital portal. By focusing on both preventive well-woman care and the treatment of women’s health conditions, H.E.R. Hub is a valuable new online resource for patients and clinicians alike.

Although other consumer health sites address a myriad of health topics, H.E.R. Hub exclusively targets women’s specific health needs in ways not previously available online. Women need a place where they can find information about their health that they know they can trust. WHNPs bring a sensitive, qualified, and candid approach to our topics, including those that have been distorted by stigma or silenced by women’s own discomfort. H.E.R. Hub provides women with honest and accurate information, from a reliable source, in the privacy of their own homes. And it gives clinicians a helpful educational tool to complement their care.

The site includes information on:

• Conditions – common health problems or diagnoses of interest to women;

• Well-woman tips – information on general women’s health that is not disease focused; and

•  Patient resources – helpful tools to help women be more informed health consumers.

The H.E.R. Hub portal shares information in three formats:

• Compelling video featuring leading WHNPs for various specialties;

• Accessible text-based web content with a friendly, approachable tone; and

• Easy-to-read, one-page infographics to print and share.

H.E.R. Hub currently presents the following topics: vaginal health, first pelvic exam, uterine fibroids, bacterial vaginosis, contraceptive overview, fertility optimization, postpartum care/breastfeeding, and menopause. Topics coming soon include cervical cancer, migraines, sexually transmitted infections, long-acting reversible contraception, preterm labor, and postpartum depression. Several other new topics are planned for later in 2020.

Women’s health nurse practitioners dedicate their practice to addressing the unique health needs of women across their lifetimes as well as the sexual and reproductive health of men. As the only professional nurse practitioner membership organization focused on women’s health and the support of WHNPs, NPWH created H.E.R. Hub as a user-friendly experience for our members, the patients for whom they provide care, and the general public. We hope you enjoy this new resource and find it easy to navigate, trustworthy, and woman friendly. We invite you to browse H.E.R. Hub and let us know what topics you feel we should include in future presentations. Do you know a talented WHNP with expertise you think would enhance the web portal, topics we should include, or other resources women could use to maintain health? Please send suggestions to NPWH at info@npwh.org.

Susan Rawlins is a women’s health nurse practitioner, NPWH Director of Professional Development, and is on the editorial advisory board for Women’s Healthcare: A Clinical Journal for NPs.

Web resource

A. myherhub.com/

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