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Deaths from coronavirus rise

By Lydia L. Kim, Digital Content Editor

In the past 24 hours, news coverage of the coronavirus in Wuhan, China has become more and more rampant. I first heard of the outbreak from my husband last night before bed, and was surprised how I missed the news before our conversation, especially after seeing the onslaught of news from a quick Google search this morning.

Based on a report published early this morning in Associated Press (AP), the death count in Wuhan has risen to six people, and almost 300 people have been infected. Incidences of coronavirus have also been reported throughout other areas in China, as well as South Korea, Japan, Thailand, and Taiwan. China, Australia, Japan, South Korea, and even the United States have increased screening procedures in airports.

American Nurse encourage its readers to follow news on the coronavirus. Please read the original AP release here.