Ashley-Rose Alberts, RN, BSN, Frontier Nursing University

During nursing school, sexual and reproductive health was a complex curiosity for me, and I soon became the “guru” on all things vulva/vaginal to my classmates. This curiosity has driven me to become a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner.

I reside in Virginia with my pets, and in my leisure, I enjoy reading and practicing the cello. I desire to be a part of the change for black birthing people in America, people that share my culture, my tongue, and my struggle.

The number of black birthing parents is three times higher than our white counterparts. This happens across all socioeconomic statuses, regardless of educational background. The trust between this community and the reproductive one is cautious at best, and the need for diverse and equitable care continues to rise.

Continuing my education to become a WHNP is more than just obtaining a degree. It is about hope. Allowing the black birthing parents to hope that they won’t become another statistic.