This educational opportunity will focus on the importance of dual protection for contraception and STI risk management. Some of the topics of discussion will include:
  • How can we encourage our patients to use dual protection methods
  • The physical and emotional long term effects of STIs
  • Prevention of Zika virus, and similar infectious diseases

Healthcare professionals that specialize in women’s health would benefit from this informative education sponsored by Veru/FC2. As the only woman-controlled dual protection method, FC2 is a proven non-hormonal, latex-free contraception device that provides dual protection against STIs and unintended pregnancy.

In this fast-paced, half-hour webinar, a women’s healthcare experts will share the details and data related to the FC2 Female Condom and discuss best practices for consultation and prescription for the product. The panel will provide a better understanding of the dual protection benefits of FC2, and respond to audience questions about basic use, clinical aspects and patient access .