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Progestins in Combination Oral Contraceptives

Many factors come into play when making a COC selection. Among them are the patient’s clinical picture, preferences which may include noncontraceptive benefits, past experiences with hormonal contraception, availability, and cost.

Relating Reproductive Justice to Clinical Practice

The time is now to embrace the power that you have to impact reproductive justice and help shape the policies of tomorrow to create a world that is more inclusive, just, and equitable.

Getting Clear on the Abstract: Crafting a Winning Research Abstract

Developing a winning abstract takes practice but will improve the likelihood of securing a place at a professional conference and open the gateway to future opportunities, collaborations, or notoriety.

Peripartum Cardiomyopathy: Implications for WHNPs and Midwives

In the US, the incidence of PPCM is rising, possibly due to advanced maternal age, an increased rate of multifetal pregnancies secondary to modern fertility techniques, and increased recognition and awareness of the disease.