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Biden Moves to Overturn Trump Birth Control Rules

The Biden administration Wednesday formally proposed the repeal of Trump-era regulations barring abortion referrals and making other changes intended to evict Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers from the federal family planning program, Title X.

Debate Over Use of Blood Thinners After C-Sections

There’s sharp debate about whether the wide use of heparin to prevent clots in mothers after a C-section is effective, worth the cost and safe, since it carries the risk of bleeding.

Coalition Formed to Address Health Needs of Aging Women

More than 20 organizations, brought together by The National Association of Nurse Practitioners in Women’s Health, have formed BOlder Women's Health Coalition to address...

Sex in the era of Covid-19

The current global focus remains on Covid-19. For most Americans, the new normal consists of social distancing measures, which introduces challenges to sexual intimacy....

Preparing for intrauterine device consults and procedures

This article provides nurse practitioners with important details about effective communication strategies that promote patient-centered, shared decision making during contraceptive consultations. Specific topics that...