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Abortion Pill Given Based on Patient Medical History as Safe as After an Exam: Study

Shifting toward remote screening means primary care providers who work in rural, low-income and other marginalized communities could conduct medication abortion screening and increase equitable access to abortion care.

Screening Patients on a Tablet Detected 2X as Many at Risk

The lead researcher believes the accuracy of oral screening is hampered by patients' hesitation to reveal sensitive information and providers' time pressure or discomfort with the questions.

Relating Reproductive Justice to Clinical Practice

The time is now to embrace the power that you have to impact reproductive justice and help shape the policies of tomorrow to create a world that is more inclusive, just, and equitable.

What is Sexual and Reproductive Health Equity and Why Does it Matter for Nurse Practitioners?

To fully meet patients’ needs, provide compassionate care that helps our patients thrive, and to create the best health outcomes possible, it is important to make SRHE a priority in our practice.

Use of Motivational Interviewing to Address HPV Vaccine Hesitancy

In a time when parental vaccine hesitancy in pediatric spaces continues to occur, it is important that NPs have a tool kit for continuing the conversation in both an empathetic and informative way.