Educational Webinars

On Demand Webinar: Overcoming Barriers to Care for High-Risk Women: How Nurse Practitioners can use Low Cost, Digital Tools to improve access, equity, and quality of well-women exams

Sponsored by MobileODT.

Program Topics include: 

  • Introduction CxCa prevention at the community level & why it’s important for high-risk women
  • New findings on trends in the US
  • Strategies for improving access
  • Community-based colposcopy & standards to reach are easier than you think
  • Telecolposcopy
  • Low-cost tools for all resource clinics
  • Patient tracking & single visit approach
  • Program monitoring & data
  • Next steps to start your program

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On Demand Webinar: The Need for Woman Controlled Contraceptive Methods for Dual Protection The Only Female Condom Available by Prescription

Healthcare professionals that specialize in women’s health would benefit from this informative education sponsored by FC2. As the only woman-controlled dual protection method, FC2 is a proven non-hormonal, latex-free contraception device that provides dual protection against STIs and unintended pregnancy.

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